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November 10, 2015, Optimizing the COMMS Predefined Evaluation Drop-Down Menu

Last spring, the Predefined Evaluation Drop-Down Menu was introduced in COMMS.  You were instructed to include the details of your evaluation items (e.g., specific assignment names, instructions, due dates) in your Course Section Information (CSI) document.  On the course outline, however, you are still encouraged to be as specific as possible when choosing from the 62 items in the drop-down menu.  For example, rather than choosing Assignment, check to see if there is a more descriptive term (e.g., Group Written Assignment, Debate, Interview) that more closely describes the nature of the assessment.  Please contact COMMS support if you have any questions.

~ Academic Development

May 27, 2015, NEW COMMS FEATURE:  Predefined Evaluation Drop-Down Menu

This year, a new COMMS feature has been added.  The Predefined Evaluation Drop-Down Menu has replaced the text-box where you entered information about evaluation items e.g., assignments, tests, presentations etc..  You are now able to choose from a list of items.  Below this drop-down menu is an Auto Calculator which will make it easy to add the weighted value to each assessment.  The mapping to the Course Learning Requirements (CLRs) and the Essential Employability Skills (EES) must also be completed.  The details of your evaluation items (e.g., specific assignment names, instructions, due dates) should now be included on your Course Section Information (CSI) document.  This new feature assists alignment with Policy AA26 Course Outlines and Course Section Information  and presents  a more common look and feel to our students. 

~ Academic Development